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S7 broken screen but can access via USB - how to get my data



My S7 screen broke, however I can still see all the data on my phone when I connect it to my computer via USB.  I copied out my photos/videos/music, but I also want to copy out my contacts, memos, and text files...yet I cannot find them.  I've searched and found no files that look right.


I didn't have SmartSmart, or Kies, or SideSync, or Samsung's "Locate my Phone" software installed on the phone prior to it breaking, so I can't install anything now. The screen is locked, but to unlock the screen is a simple swipe - no pin/password...however, like I said I can see the phone contents for some reason (which is good).


Any ideas how to get my contacts/memos/text files out of my S7?  I've already gotten an S8 to replace it.

Cosmic Ray

Re: S7 broken screen but can access via USB - how to get my data

plug into computer open control panel look for connected device and simply grab all folders and move to desk top, then plug replacement phone in to the drag those to the new phone.