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S7 edge - how to get rid of start up alerts

(Topic created: 11-18-2021 07:39 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

I use my phone very little and am by no means any kind of tech guru.  Every time I go to use it lately I get the following two alerts.  Not sure if they are relative to the same thing.

1) -  Final data deletion warning.  Your 46 files in Samsung Cloud will be deleted after.........  I assume Cloud is some kind of storage facility.  I am not aware of ever using it and have no idea what the 46 files are.

2) -  When I click on that warning it then goes to "download your date" >> "loading your data" >> "protect your data with two step verification".  I am not interested in this set up.

How can I get rid of these warnings?


Thank you.

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