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S7 smart switch to s10+ changed everything on my s10+

(Topic created on: 3/30/21 8:48 PM)
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I had an s7 for years finally a lil over a year ago I switch to s10+ and just today got around to smart switch my photos and things from the old phone to the s10+ and when I did it today it changed literally everything on my s10+. I had to call my carrier because it even changed the carrier back to what the s7 was on (att then now verzion) it wouldn't allow mobile data, hotspot or Bluetooth to work either. I finally got that part fixed by contacting Verizon also reset all settings, network settings and I reset accessibility but my phone is still not back to the normal s10+ format. It looks exactly like the s7 did. The screens cut off half way, nothings full screen even apps I've allowed to be full screen aren't. I called Samsung support 3 times and never got a call back. Can someone on this form help?

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