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S8 Secure Folder crashes when opening.

(Topic created: 06-03-2021 03:58 PM)
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Today, I wanted to try out the Nova Launcher 7 Beta on my Galaxy S8 (Pie/SD). When I opened the drawer, it stated the work profile was enabled. As there is no work profile that I know of on One UI, I disabled it.

After disabling my work profile, I cannot open the secure folder: Clicking it asks me to "Turn on secure folder?" but if I click "Turn on" it just crashes (Specifically, it states the "Android System" app crashes). So I cannot even access the apps inside. In Nova, attempting to re-enable the work profile crashes in the same way. Still, the data seems to be intact (I can see the storage is still taken up in Device Care and the apps still register on the battery section). Can anyone help me get the data back?


Relevant thread, but I can't find an app named "SecureFolder". https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Galaxy-Note-Phones/Secure-Folder-crashing/td-p/544212

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