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S8 factory reset gets locked by Knox Enrollment and Siteone Landscape app?

In 2017 I bought a brand new Samsung S8 from Verizon and have been using it ever since.  We moved to Portugal last year and I cracked the glass, so I bought a new Samsung S10 and was going to use the older S8 as my remote control for my Samsung Multiroom Speaker System.  I smart switched all data to the new phone and factory reset the older S8.  Once out of Factory reset, It opens to select language and login to my wifi, then it sends me to a Knox Enrollment site that is managed by SiteOne Landscape?????  I have tried factory resetting it several times and bypassing the Siteone Landscape login, but the phone will not allow any redirection from the set-up from Knox.  This phone has always been a private phone and has never downloaded Knox or SiteOne Landscape????

How do I get this app off of my reset phone!