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STILL no way to delete SOME of your learned words other than pressing/holding or clearing them all

I have a Galaxy S9 phone. I do a lot of typing and texting on my phone and lately, I am getting so sick of having to continuously hit the backspace button due to all of the typos and misspellings my phone keyboard has "learned" and saved as suggestions or automatic replacements. Typing this post so far, I have already had to delete my phone's predictive word choices at least 10 times!  I have mainly used Samsung keyboard and Gboard, both of which only give you the option to either A) Erase your ENTIRE collection of learned words OR B) Delete each learned word at a time by typing it into the keyboard and then pressing & holding the word when it appears on the suggestion strip to delete it. The latter option 'B' would only be helpful if I actually could KNOW precisely which misspelled words it has saved over the months/years etc. OR if there weren't practically a million "words"  that need deleting! I do have a ton of learned words on here that are useful and that I am not willing to clear - so option 'A' is also useless! Is there any hope for this situation or do I need to clear all of the data and start over? WHY is there not a better solution for this already?? If someone can give me a suggestion for a better 3rd party keyboard app that makes managing learned words less of a nightmare, please let me know! Thank you! (Man, this post took FOREVER for me to write!)


Re: STILL no way to delete SOME of your learned words other than pressing/holding or clearing them a

Agreed! And sometimes when you start typing the misspelled word and do the long press to delete, the blasted thing won't LET you delete it and looking press does nothing at all! 


This is so frustrating - for example it does it to me with "si" and "sp" (when I meant "so") and "nit" when I want "not" and have been unable to delete any of them.