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Samsung Account Lock after Hard Reset


I hown a Samsung S6 Edge (G-925F). I did a hard reset from within a shut-off phone, Before I wiped the cache (in Recovery Mode), and both the Samsung account and the Google account have been active, as far as I know.

1) Getting into the Recovery Mode contained an error:
I press the buttons to get there, afterwards the Andoird Logo appears, Installing System Update message is shown, and a while later an error:
No Command
But after waiting for about 15 seconds the Recovery Mode is entered. Anything to think about here?
This issue still remains after the hard reset, but the Recovery Mode is entered always.

2) Main Problem:
I want to set my phone up again, but I am prompted to enter my Samsung credentials (Samsung Account, not Google).
I cannot skip. I entered the right (!) credentials. Just a message "in process" and "logging in", but after that nothing happens, idle.
I can log into my Samsung Account from my notebook, I have 2-Factor-Authentication(2FA) activated (cannot deactivate there).
At first my S6 edge was recognized there as logged in device, even though I could not move forward in the S6 setup with the credentials. I changed the password, just to be sure, now it is not even recognized as a logged in device, maybe because of the changed password?

The code for the 2FA is sent to my SIM card on my iPhone.
I also put this SIM card into the S6, but I did not get any code for the 2FA.

I was connected both via WiFi and LTE to get through the Samsung Login on the S6.

What can I do? Any Bypass?


Cosmic Ray

Re: Samsung Account Lock after Hard Reset

Me and a few others also for the last couple of weeks. Never signed up for it either.

Re: Samsung Account Lock after Hard Reset

I don't know if I have got the bill. So i cannot go to a Samsung store to have them unlock my phone.

Is Rooting a solution?


I will never again buy a Samsung.

iPhones just work.