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Samsung Galaxy S10+ Verizon hotspot issue

(Topic created on: 3/27/21 8:02 AM)
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and got the latest verizon update that was rolled out and now my hotspot will not work. Verizon had me try a lot of things resetting network settings etc and still no luck. Anybody else having this issue? I have the plan with the hotspot so that definitely was not the issue. "G975USQU5GUBH" is the current software that I have. 

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Galaxy S Phones
Carriers, as a rule, modify Android to accommodate their agenda, which includes enabling or disabling features, such as hotspot.

Maybe another Verizon user out here will have an answer ... however, I'd contact Verizon again and escalate it to a higher up in technical support.

When you initially call, you're speaking with someone who's reading a script.