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Samsung Galaxy Usb-C Headset Jack Adapter Model EE-UC10J

(Topic created: 06-16-2021 02:41 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

To create digital stereo channel file, analog stereo earbud signal derived from tiny electric guitar headset amp is routed into EE-UC10J 3.5mm female stereo receptacle

Inside EE-UC10J the injected stereo analog meets the analog digital convert microprocessor

But nothing is achieved there is no samsung os response to the active analog stereo injected via ADC into phone usb-C receptacle, except for usual multi option usb connection mode depicted in screenshot here


 the guitar dongle outputs earbud stereo analog signal, it is sent by wire to the EE-UC10J 3.5mm female receptacle

Nothing happens, no foul no harm

But the creation of stereo digital representation file does not occur

But file create is wanted

It becomes digital reproduction of musicianship creations, an actual recording non-analog

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