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Samsung Health app Continues Heart rate issue

(Topic created on: 1/18/21 10:22 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

I bought the Samsung galaxy watch active 2 to get continues heart rate.

My issue is that continues heart rate between 11:00pm and 11:59pm are not saved...

If I go and check on the app during this time I can see the record on the app just fine, but then after 11:59pm it dissapears. Not only for the last day but it is not showing this time for any day.

The biggest problem right now is that the purpose of doing this continues heart rate is to detect an issue that happens to my heart and unfortunately it happend during this time and I would like to see this record and show it to my doctor.

I cleared the cache, delete the data, unisntalled the app and reinstalled it and then sync my data but same problem is happening. anyone can give me advise or help on this?

I tried contacting samsung about it but no luck.

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