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Samsung Photo Editor freezes (Eraser) Repeatedly

(Topic created: 03-05-2024 08:00 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S Phones
If I am photo editing using the photo editor in gallery, and I have the picture enlarged ( to any degree) the eraser freezes the entire page, after 30/ 45 seconds, my phone system pops a small window up a saying photo editor has stopped responding....options: Close App, Wait for App to respond, Report issue. 
At this point there are 3 things that can happen:
1. If I wait, and PE unfreezes, I can quickly change the pic to regular size and choose the pen icon. It will allow me to continue using, however if I move the photo or switch to eraser,PE it will freeze up again.
2. PE finally blinks and the picture reverts to original. AARGH! All Lost!
3. PE blinks, picture remains in expanded mode as it reverts to original picture but does not b re-size to original. All is lost! 
When PE unfreezes, the app not responding message keeps popping at the same rate,every so many seconds, you have to keep closing out of it by tapping wait for system, over & over, until Ibfinish and close the PE and the photo.
Afer PE reverted my photo to original, I Close gallery & the System Warning continues to pop up after I have opened a new app or I am browsing on my phone. It will not shut down.
OR: If I use the Option button on warning screen to Close PE ( shut down Gallery) the Warning will close gallery but continue to pop-up the warning! Issue w Eraser is not new, I use 5 of 7 days, started in Nov, getting worse, unable to use, loss of to many photos being edited, PLEASE FIX THIS
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