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Samsung S7Edge camera lens defective.

Step up @samsung.   We pay ridiculous prices for your phones and too many have the same thing happening to them

For several weeks now I  have had fuzzy pictures. On some i could see a fuzzy brown dot which i attributed to a dirty screen.  My phone never comes out of the safety case it was put in at the ATT store.  Being the only one to use it, I was upset to find a perfect circle broken on lens and what was left of it looked shattered.  After stumbling upon these several hundred post with the same problem,  I'm pi%s&d!! 

Phone looks brand new, never dropped & for this to have happened and you knowingly refuse to acknowledge the defect...

Fix your problem SAMSUNG, step up and call it what it is.  A defect.

I will be contacting a lawyer and ATT.

Please people if you share  the same problem with your S7EDGE or another, post it here and everwhere  you can.  Hopefully they will agree to a free repair plus we'd  be informing the public about their product and their bad customer service on repairing the S7Edge rear camera lens shattering for no reason, an obvious defect .  My next phone will not be one of theirs.