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Samsung S9 Plus. Updates are utterly USELESS and HARMFUL!

(Topic created: 05-17-2021 02:35 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

Hi all, hoping to get some help here if possible. I used to think that updating my phone helps upgrading the phone protection and allows new functions to work on the phone, I didn't think much about updates except to just run them, but not anymore. I realize updates not only reenable some of the most useless apps I disabled to save space, it also switch the apps I stored in my external SD card (i.e. external storage) back to internal storage, which is the total opposite of what I want. Why are updates designed to work in such an unfriendly way? I will stop running any update from here on out, not only are these updates useless, so far they gave me nothing but more trouble to solve every single time, guess there are some "geniuses" working for Samsung Development after all. And here I am, being a royal fan of android since the first day I started using a cellphone, it's ridiculous! Updates are just wasting my time and energy, trying to move all those apps back onto my SD card and to disable all thousands little apps taking space and memory in the background whenever I am using my phone, my goodness.

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