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Samsung finally went full apple

Let's go back my friends. Back to April 2015. Back to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6. For those who don't remember, or perhaps aren't aware, when Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 it was not received with lots of fanfare.


The Galaxy S5 had been a very shoddily built phone, to say the least, and had a cheap low class feeling. The S6 was Samsung's opportunity for a full redesign and a chance to show why their flagship line deserves the high price. They failed.


They introduced a huge step backwards and a step towards apple. No micro SD slot, no water resistance, no camera improvement, no software improvement, it was essentially a worse phone than the S5 but with a higher pricetag.


The S6 was a massive failure. It had issue after issue. Fans hated it. Critics hated it. Nobody bought it. Samsung was horrified. But they turned to their supporters and did what most companies refuse to do, they listened.


Samsung seemed to have learned their lesson with the release of the highly adored Samsung galaxy S7 and more so the S7 edge. They had fixed and improved on everything that made the S6 awful.


Yet Samsung still saw people run to the iphone. They saw the sheep doing what sheep do, following the heard. Nothing more.


Us diehard Samsung fans have tried for far too long to show Samsung that they are doing the right thing. We bought the garbage S3, lasted through the horrible plastic S5, and even loved them through the god awful S6 redesign. Yet nothing. Like a loving dog running up to a careless owner, we were silenced and cast aside. Left out in the cold. Unloved and alone.


Yet we continued to support them. Coming here to sing their praise when they do well, and try our best to support them and help them recuperate when they do poorly.


But alas the time has come again.


We must unite as a group, turn to our unloving Samsung and shout Enough is enough. We want our headphone jack, We want bigger batteries, We want top tier specs, We want water resistance, We want our micro SD slot, and We want to be able to hold a product and say this is the pinnacle of design. No compromises, No let downs, No lies, This is why we stood by you all those years. We forgave and forgot the Note 7 debacle for this moment.


But no...instead we are taken back to 2015 with the release of the Note 10. Back to high prices and low returns. Back to mediocrity. Back to emulating apple.


This is our return on years of emotional investment.


If anyone believes this isn't a glimpse of things to come they are wrong. If anyone can't understand that it always begins as a joke or a test before becoming common place, well they aren't paying attention. We have lost our headphone jack. We have lost our micro SD slot. We have lost our Samsung.


But we can win them back.


Let your opinion be known. Do not take this sitting down, but rise up. Rise up and say no We won't take this, We finally want all of our voices to be heard. Friends comrades take to the proverbial streets and shout to the heavens "Samsung we will accept your silence no more" We the consumers have the power and we can make a change.


If we stand up and push back we will prevail. If we do nothing and hope they will see the err of their ways, well then we have already lost.


God bless you all and God bless America.


May Samsung rise again.


Please go back to samsung the new update turned my phone...

Please go back to samsung the new update turned my phone into an I phone and I dont like it