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Samsung keyboard: Remember last language used in password fields

(Topic created: 09-17-2022 04:05 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

The Samsung keyboard app comes preloaded with the input language of the phone's region (let's say Korean). Of course you can add other input languages and the keyboard app will remember the last language you used for normal text inputs. However, that's not the case for password fields - there, it always defaults to the preloaded language and does not remember your recent language selection. That means if you change the input language in a password field, next time it will be the preloaded language again.

The only way to change it is to disable the preloaded language (removing it is not possible), then it seems to default to the earliest (not disabled) installed language, and still doesn't remember a different language selection. I don't know if that's just a bug or if there's some hidden setting for this. Since it chooses the earliest installed language, is there a way to change the language list hierarchy somewhere in the settings/properties? That would at least allow me to set the default password field language to the most convenient one, even if it still doesn't remember the last used language.

This issue is not a device specific issue because it affects the Samsung keyboard app (on the recent Android versions) and how it handles password fields. Is there a possible workaround?

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