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Scratches on the screen

I don't have a screen protector currently to prevent scratches from getting on my screen therefore I have a few minor scratches that I have noticed. Are there any home remedies that can solve this problem of removing the scratches


One way is to get tooth paste and apply a small amount of...

One way is to get tooth paste and apply a small amount of it to the scratches on your screen. Rub the toothpaste over the screen more for a few minutes. And then remove the toothpaste from the screen. Make sure it doesn't get in the phone so it won't get damaged. If that doesn't work then look it up in Google or YouTube

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Scratches on the screen

Hey there @userQAWFmKhwxP,

I would not recommend the above method as it could lead to physical damage and void the warranty of your device by performing unauthorized repairs that create physical damage to the device.

I would recommend taking it to an authorized service center for evaluation. They can recommend accessories or perform a screen replacement if needed.

Hope this message finds you well!


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