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Security Flaw - Clipboard and secure folder




I found a pretty serious bug related to the clipboard and the secure folder.


When inside the secure folder if I copy some sensitive text (such as a password) and then use it to log into a site outside the secure folder then that works fine with no problems. I can (so long as I have allowed it in the secure folder settings) use the clipboard and paste its contents outside the secure folder as I wish.


However! That password becomes stuck in the clipboard and just sits there forever which is extremely dangerous because other apps can read the clipboard. Why? Because it says I do not have permission to clear certain items in the clipboard, the very same items that originally came from the secure folder.


So now I have sensitive passwords sitting on my regular clipboard that I can see and every app can see but I can not remove.


This is a security disaster. The exact opposite of why I use the secure folder in the first place.


Edit: It is possible to clear the clipboard but only by going back into the secure folder and doing it there. I shudder to think of the number of people who won't figure this out and have to suffer all their passwords sitting on their clipboard forever without being able to clear them.