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Seriously debating upgrading with T-Mobile. Need honest opinions.

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I'm rocking an S10+, it's honestly been one of my proudest purchases. Over the last year and a half I've had it I can't think of a moment it has let me down. Snapdragon CPU, excellent battery for my usage (not a heavy user, I go a few days without charging), screen quality is excellent with basically no burn-in. Never had any issues with cell reception or Wi-Fi. Mint condition still too. I'm weighing the benefits/drawbacks of giving up my prized phone for the S21+ 256GB. Not only would I get twice my storage, but I get the 120 Hz, crisp display, improved specs and camera, and massive battery (~20% increase to the S10+). T-Mobile knocks $800 off with bill credits, so it would be $250 out of pocket. As much as it seems like a no brainer I still feel hesitation about it. The cynic in me wonders if the S21 Series is all its chalked up to be, and might have real shortcomings that aren't visible yet. I'm pretty sure the S20 Series got some mixed reception. I wasn't going to upgrade my S10+ until I found this offer. Also apparently T-Mobile is giving $200 in Samsung Credit. What do you all think is the best course here? Side question, any recommendations for cases/screen protector if I grab the S21+?

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A day or so ago I recommended on this forum if someone can get their hands on an S10+, that would be their best bet.  You give up lots coming to the S21+,  only one of which is no SD Card...  If I were you, I'd hang onto your s10+ and see what comes out with the S22+...   If I thought the S21+ was a "great phone" I'd trade up... but I'm not.   


You may not use the heatlh sensors on your S10+, so that may not be an issue for you...  the only great things of trading up to the s21 is the camera has been enhanced and you have a quicker chip.... not enough to upgrade for in my mind.


I had an S8+ which was/is a geat phone like yours.... I skipped the 9 and skipped the 10 as there weren't any huge improvements that made me want to upgrade.   I went with the S20+ thinking I'd be into the 5G realm, and that would be a good thing.  Well, come to find out, 5g right now is NOTHING!  And it won't be for at least another year or two...  4G LTE is more often than not faster than 5g. 


Of course you have to listen to what your intuition tells you... if you feel moved to upgrade go for it;   I would wait... I suspect the S22 will be a better phone (at least I hope so).   And your S10 will always have a buyer for it... why?  Because the S10 is a great phone!


Btw, you mentioned that in a year and a half your S10+ has never let you down;  with the crazy updates and the way Samsung continually takes things away, ie, front camera hole cover, I suspect your next 18 months with an S21+ will not be quite as rosey... But if you can tolerate ups and downs, as most everyone on this forum has, maybe you'll be just fine with the new  phone.   Good luck with whatever you decide!

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Honestly, its really what you like in a phone. I've been with the Galaxy line since the S3. Yea its the flag ship phone, so that kinda nice. The bad in the S21 line, no SD card expandability, no charger. plastic back. The good, design, higher refresh rate, camera. For the case always went to Amazon and found a simple one, always worked protecting the phone. Screen protector don't know on this one, has one built in, but in the past have always used a liquid protector & again no problems. I would suggest go to Samsung website and do comparison of the S10+ & S21+. See what the pros & cons are. But in my opinion it seems every year Samsung & Apple are trying to out do it other, & the ones who lose are us the consumers. Remember last year Apple took away their chargers, Samsung criticize them how awful it was, & what does Samsung do same thing. And lastly a 18 month contract, personally I hate contracts, so I have always brought direct from Samsung. So I wish you the best in this decision.