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Service Problem

(Topic created: 11-15-2021 09:40 AM)
Galaxy S Phones


I’m an university student living in Turkey. I have always preferred Samsung all my life because I trust Samsung quality and admire the brand. It is very difficult and very expensive to buy technological products in Turkey. I bought the Galaxy S9+ in June 2018 with the 1000 dollars I saved in 2 years by separating my pocket money from my family. After spending 3 years with my phone, I took  my phone to a Samsung authorized service for battery replacement Although there was no problem with my phone, which they checked while delivering it to them, they claimed that the screen was faulty at the service and demanded a screen repair fee from me, claiming that this problem was caused by me.There was also a security camera that captured the spot where the first check of the phone took place. They claimed that my screen was not working although there was evidence that it was working.

I don't know what happened to my phone in service, how can I accept the phone now even if it is fixed? I just want a new phone or a refund. Samsung Turkey continues to make me suffer since 05.11.2021 by not solving my problem. I don't want to accept the phone that way and I don't have a phone right now either. I could not solve my problem in Turkey and I am reaching you. I believe that Samsung, the world's most preferred phone brand and my favorite brand, will relieve my grievances.

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