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Silence Notification Sounds on Phone While Watch Is On

Just bought a Galaxy watch and I cannot seem to make my phone (Galaxy A71 5G) silent while receiving notifications on my watch.  I've looked at all of the settings, but can't seem to find the correct spot.  Can someone give me some guidance?  I've been able to do it with all of my other phones and smart watches so I have to believe that I can do it with these two.  Thanks.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Silence Notification Sounds on Phone While Watch Is On

So, I have a Gear Sport synced with my A71 5G (Tmo).  When I turn on "Do Not Distrub" on the phone, it syncs with my watch automatically.  I like it- but to each their own!  


In the phones notification shade (swipe down from the top) once DND is turned on, an orange notification appears that indicates the watch is synced with my phone.  Tapoping on that notification takes me to the Galaxy Wear app, and give you the opition to turn it off. 


Or, you can just go the Galaxy Wear app, then to Sync Phone Settings, and turn off Sync DND. 


Hope that helps.  It works for me!