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Software Update from Store?

Hi all,


I've got a Samsung Galaxy S7, and for a few days now it's been displaying a blue-colored notification ostensibly from the Galaxy Store reading: "Important Software Update" and then "Important new software updates are available for your device."


(ScreenshotSmiley Happy




It looks basically legit, but I'm used to getting updates ("system updates," not "software updates") via white-colored notifications, and I don't think they come from the store. I tried going into the Galaxy Store app and going directly to updates from there; the sidebar shows several available updates, but every time I click on Updates in the sidebar, the app stops working and has to be closed.


Has anyone else seen this recently? (I think it started on 24 June.) I'm not against downloading it if it's for real, I'm just afraid I'm being phished.




Re: Software Update from Store?

I have a Galaxy S7 Edge and have gotten the same "Important Software Update". I am in the same predicament as you are. When I go to Settings and the System updates it shows that I am up to date and no update is necessary at this time. Sorry I cant help. I cant find anything online and dont want to download the update for the same reasons as you. If I find anything I will post to this thread.