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Stable Coherant Product Strategy and Pricing

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Galaxy S Phones

As a long time Samsung customer, I'm really confused about the current Samsung product strategy for Galaxy S phones.


1. Samsung S phones seems to try to be following Apple Iphone strategy but is a poor copy.  Apple Iphones allows users to buy the current line and the past 2-3 years worth of phones and each time apple releases a new generation, there is a price drop of the prior years strategy.

-Iphones cpu speeds are faster than Samsung but the fastest chips and configurations cost less than Samsungs.

-Samsung S series used to differentiate from the Iphone lines like microSD, wireless charging, Spen, better camera.  Now there is little to no differentiation.  CPU is slower, camera is similar, nothing to differentiate from iphones which are cheaper, better quality, and faster.  What does the S series provide that's different from Iphone.  It used to be Samsung Pay MST, VR, microSD, better camera, Spen.  Slowly you are killing off any differentiation from Iphones which again are cheaper, faster, and better quality.

-Every time that Samsung brings a differentiation, it's questionable if you should use it as Samsung will probably pull support from it in the future.  If you have a differentiation and one that people like, you seem to pull it trying to copy and be just like Apple except you a more expensive, slower, less feature rich copy of the Apple Strategy.


Samsung Website crashes, is hard to navigate, hard to use to even compare prior phones.  I literally had to restart two different browsers several times as Samsung.com is slow, hard to use, and when I do find prices for old Samsung S seried phones, prices makes absolutely no sense.  An old S10+ starts at $999 1/17/2021, really?  I can still buy a 2-3 generation Iphone from Apple.com for 1/2 the price.

-Prices for Samsung S series cost more than comparible Iphones are higher and more confusing than Apple.com.  Apple.com, I can simply click 1-3 clicks to get to the price of all iphones that Apple currently sells.  Samsung, I have to click through 3-8 levels of clicking to find things are sold out or that the prices are ridiculous.


Like services that you do or do not know if it will be around next year like Samsung services, microSD, VR, MST, etc, it's hard to try to buy something when it can be obsolete the next year.  Apple supports most services, etc. for years and doesn't orphane you.  Like a S10e, which is like a Iphone SE or iphone XR, there is a market for this but if Samsung doesn't sell enough, Samsung gives up.  Apple sticks to it's strategy, Samsung can't stick to any strategy.


It seems Samsung has no coherent strategey, pricing strategy, product strategy.  This is why my family has slowly moved to Iphones.  I'm the only person who has stayed with Samsung but I'm seeing less and less reason to stay with Samsung.  With no microsd support in S21, my next phone maybe iphone and I may never come back to Samsung.  I have had several galaxy phones from budget, to several S series.  I have both the S10e and the S10 and really love both.  I keep the S7 and S7 edge for VR as Samsung.  I just don't see why I should buy Samsung.  I had to buy multiple gear s3 for the MST support and now disappointed with lack of MST in S series future product support.  The optical zoom on my S10 is also better than S21 which makes no sense and it doesn't have much of a camera bump.


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Galaxy S Phones
then use iphone
Galaxy S Phones
If we must pay a premium price for either, should we buy an iPhone clone or just buy the real thing?