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Status bar overlapping an app

(Topic created on: 12/26/20 7:53 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

So just bought my Galaxy S10 Lite yesterday. The game Wild Rift runs well and all, but one thing that bothers and making me crazy is a status bar line.
Here's the deal:
1. Running Wild Rift app downloaded from Google Play Market.
2. For example getting notification sound/message, want to check out the time, turn off BT etc etc.
3. Swiping from top to get a status bar so I can check that I need.

4. Onscreen buttons (home, back) will disappear, but the status bar not. It will stay overlapping until you close an app. Plus when you trying to swipe for onscreen buttons to show up, this whole button menu will close in 0.5 seconds, so I'm trying to tap Home or Back as fast as I can.
Normally, in any other game/app, on any other phone (Redmi Note 9, Galaxy M21, even Oneplus 3T) it will roll back up and disappear in 2 seconds. I'm also having an info that a man with the same S10 Lite has not issue like I do.

I've tried to reset my phone to manufacture settings and reinstall an app, nothing changed.
Is this problem with my smartphone or an app?Smiley Sad



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