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Swype changes in Android 10 latest update

(Topic created on: 4/22/21 3:05 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

After recently upgrading to a Galaxy S9 (from S8) and installing all the updates, entering words by swype method on the Samsung keyboard has some really painful issues:

1. The autocomplete entries update during the swipe, which is annoying because they flicker across the display at high speed.

2. Many useful words are missing from the dictionary that is used to match the swype, including pretty much any words at all having to do with "adult" topics. Irritating considering that half (or more) of the text I enter on that keyboard is for text messages to personal friends. Oddly enough, we often discuss "adult" topics.

3. (this is NOT a new problem) the dictionary is full of proper names, which frequently get matched in preference to the actual words I'm trying to enter.

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