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Texting: Suddenly -- everyone is in contacts -- texts come in without the name, only numbers

(Topic created: 03-09-2023 09:18 AM)
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I have an S8.  I have contacts associated with my Gmail address synced to my phone. Whenever I select a name (or several) to text to, it shows the name(s) listed.
Suddenly this has changed. Now I select a name, click it, but it only shows the number. Similarly, if someone in my contacts texts me, it only shows a number, no longer the name.
Everything seems to sync OK because it shows updating and is connecting as it should.
Samsung Cust Support had me "Reset Network" and "Reset All", along with a few other checks. 
Samsung Pros went on my phone using Smart Tutor. When connected, everything worked perfectly, no problem. If they turned off Smart Tutor, it went back to not showing names.






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Galaxy S Phones
Are you saying that your Galaxy S8 phone is no longer working properly? You realize your phone is over 6 years old and has not had any updates in at least 2 years. Could it be nearing its end of life that are causing your problems?