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The phones are nice but asking way too much money for them

I have been a huge fan of Samsung Galaxy phones since day 1. I love the camera, how you can split screens and do multiple tasks at one time. Given that said, for the amount of money these advanced smartphones are going for, its like paying for rent, or a down payment on a car; when in reality, the phone aren't really that advanced or really ment to be that high in cost. Most of the features on the phone , the only way they work is if that other person has the same device. Like video calling others from just using the dial key pad from the s10. When others dont have that device or the same network as you. Being able to take pics/videos at the same time from front and back cameras. Linking all social media accounts to their specific contacts in your phone book. Being able to take high quality videos for long periods of time without your device getting hot. Being able to send high quality videos and pics for any length of time in clearview qualified without having to send them thru WhatsApp or hangouts.