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*Theory* Bypass Charging achieved via Bixby Routines

(Topic created: 03-16-2023 09:22 AM)
Galaxy S Phones
So, I stumbled upon something interesting. (TL;DR: Bypass Charging appears to be possible outside of gaming.) I haven't seen anyone else mention this yet, so I thought I'd share. 

Basically, I have a Bixby Routine set when charging overnight to disable fast charging, charge to 99% and then turn on Protect Battery when it reaches 99%. When I woke up, my phone was still at 99%, which seemed weird after 7 hours and no Power Saving mode enabled. I tested it out and even with heavy use, my battery stayed at 99% for a while before dropping just 1%(after 15 minutes of heavy use, 14 background apps and every battery draining setting enabled). This got me thinking about whether it might be possible to use in other situations, not just for gaming. To be clear, I'm not certain that this would work in every situation, but it seems promising. I did notice a significant difference in AccuBattery's readings in regards to the battery current with "Protect Battery" on versus off. So if you have the right equipment (USB PPS/PD3.0 + 5A Type C charger) and the "Pause USB PD" setting in Game Booster enabled, it might be worth trying out "Protect Battery" mode when charging at a battery level of at least 85% when doing thins like using navigation during Uber/Lyft drives, movie marathon at work and other typically battery intensive tasks

Linked here are my AccuBattery readings: Ones shows normal battery current in use while plugged in while protect battery is off, the other shows little to no battery current in use while protect Battery is on which, from my limited knowledge, seems to imply that the current is bypassing the battery, and powering the CPU directly (https://i.imgur.com/gO4e6yy.png) (https://i.imgur.com/7zOR8C5.png)
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