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They didn't include the charger...

(Topic created on: 3/31/21 1:48 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

Bought a "certified pre-owned" S10, it came today with no charger in the box, even though there's a page that says all S10 series phones come with the same accessories... called customer service and they offered me a promo code of $25, I said okay... after the phone call I go to Samsung's website and see that they don't even sell USB-C cables lol (probably explains why one wasn't included). And all their wireless ones are over the $25 budget... If they think I'm paying more for anything, they're sadly mistaken. Sigh, only had this phone for 2 hours, and now have to break my neck searching for a Fedex drop off spot, the closest is an hour away, ugh... jesus christ, why couldn't they just give me some sort of refund instead? I called back, spoke to someone else, they told me it was too late for a refund or anything and just wait for an email from the promo code team and talk to them or something, idk, I'd half stopped listening to what he was saying. But I don't want to wait around for all that, my phone can't work without the charger, it's dead weight. It's already at 10%.. I'm getting a refund, they can take their $25 back. This is ridiculous.

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