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Thick bright white bar on bottom of screen after overheating?

(Topic created: 11-22-2021 12:39 PM)
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So my samasung s10 phone overheated whilst charging overnight and wouldnt come on.    My alarm was going off but I could not see the screen at all and it was burning hot.


After the phone had cooled down and I had left it alone the screen came back on but with a bright white bar at the bottom.  


I can still access the functions of the screen but nothing gets rid of the bar.  

It is still present in safe mode and power saving mode.   Also when locking the screen in takes ages for the screen to come back on.  If you click the lock button the bar at the bottom flickers on but the rest of the screen stays black for a while.  I can still feel the vibrations and hear notifications but have to leave it alone for several minutes for the display to come back to life.


It's very bright and has a greenish hue in the middle.   Its affected the brightness of the overall display.  


Does anyone know what this could he and what options are available?

Is this motherboard damage, LCD damage, digitilizer etc?   Could a loose connection be causing this.  Can it be fixed?


If it is an issue with motherboard can specific components be fixed or would I need to source an entire new motherboard to replace?

 What needs fixing and where would I go to fix it?  How do I know where to start?

We have phone shops near me but for basic screen replacements 

I have no idea how to resolve this or why the overheating has caused this to happen.

When display is on I am able to use the phone with almost no issues.


Grateful for any advice or help.





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So what most likely happened is that your screen was on during charging and it seems that you may have burned the digitizer leaving a permanent bar at the bottom. Right now Samsung is offering a discount on screens and repairs. They can run a diagnostic test and tell you what else needs to be repaired
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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Thank you for reaching out. I can certainly understand your concern about your screen not working. For the symptoms you are experiencing, the next step would be a service repair. As your device is out of warranty, I would recommend reaching out to our customer service team directly at 1-800-726-7864 for the best possible assistance.

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