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USB thumb drive disconnected from car stereo when connecting Samsung S20 via bluetooth



I'm used to always have music in my car on USB thumb drives that are connected to my car stereo (Volkswagen Media System RNS 315). I usually have bluetooth on my Samsung phone disabled for security reasons. Before I drive off I enable blutooth on my phone and the phone connects to my car stereo, so I can receive calls or make calls handsfree. This has always worked fine with my Samsung S9.


Quite recently I upgraded to a Samsung S20. But there seems to be an issue (incompatibility?) of the S20 with the aforementioned car stereo. As soon as I set up the bluetooth connection to the S20 on the car stereo, the connection to the USB thumb drive is lost (the message "no MDI media" or something similar appears). Even when I disable bluetooth on the S20 the car stereo is still not able to connect to the USB thumb drive.


Only after I've reset the car stereo to factory defaults it recognizes the attached USB thumb drive and will play music from it.


Is anyone familiar with this issue?