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Unable to Backup Contacts, Messages, etc

Hi there! 

I am using samsung find my mobile for recovering some information. Where pictures are not so important, I need to access all my contact information. However I have crashed mz phone screen completely. The screen is not light a bit, but undearneath the phone is still working. I can access it through Find My Mobile site, and I can recal everz function but Backup. When I try to backup any of the options I get a screen of Backing It up, but there is hardly anyhing happening. It stays on that screen. 

I must say that my phone is on mobile data and there is hardly any comsumption of data meantime. 

Any help would be really appreciated. I have a Galaxy S7 and sturggle to get the ifnromation I would like. I am not into paying for backing up my data, but a solutions exist if I attach some other screen display.