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Unable to send mms texts

(Topic created: 06-20-2021 01:11 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

I have a galaxy S8. It is replacing an S8 that I used to have but broke. My current phone is unable to send MMS texts. That includes photos and long messages. I am able to receive but not send. I did not have this problem with my other S8.

I contacted my carrier and they told me that this was a known problem with Samsung galaxy phones and that they could not help me. I think that this is a lot of bull since it worked with my other phone and not this one which is exactly the same model. I read some of the posts here and I tried turning off my Wi-Fi but it still does not work.

This is incredibly frustrating!

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Galaxy S Phones
Whoever you have as a carrier they have a tendency to always blame the phone. So you contact the phone company and they also tend to blame your carrier. MMS texts are a function of the carrier because, after all, it's a text all texts, voicemail, phones obviously are controlled by the carrier. Unless there's a setting in your phone that doesn't allow you to get MMS messages. That's BS. Why would Samsung have a setting to block MMS messages? Doesn't make sense. I'm no expert but to me it's obvious. Contact your carrier again and ask for a technician if all your getting is a secretary reading prompts off her laptop on her desk.