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Under display camera

I saw oppo under display camera and its good


But it said that you can still see through the display even with it on


So i guess the whole screen is highly transparent and they add a proper reflective background to that screen with cutouts. But here is the difference on top of each camera under the display you should add an extra small highly transparent screen that operates independently from the main screen as to allow for on/off reflective background for main screen


The article said that it used bigger camera sensors as to allow more light in which is obviously true but with this you would need to further increase sensor size and density. I doubt oppo had and good images. You would literally need to magnify the light coming in as the pixel would interfere with the image no matter what. Call me a rare breeed but ive had something so close to my eye that it actually just disappeared. The idea here is to magnify enough that the pixels above the camera appear so small in the image that they are hardly noticeable