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Unreliable wi-fi

(Topic created on: 2/27/21 10:17 AM)
Galaxy S Phones


Having this issue for long, but only now asking.

Wi-if on my S10 is unreliable. It can work for days if I don’t get the phone out of the house, but every time I go out and it switches to mobile network (that works fine and gives me internet) and return home and it switches back to my home wi-if, then the connection is unreliable and always losing internet... is even slower than in the good old days of a 28mbps modem... if I leave it connected to my home wi-if for a couple of days, then it starts to work fine and with good speeds.

I’ve reset the phone, reset network, reset my modem and nothing fixes it. Tested with a different phone and don’t have any issues, so this is clearly a phone problem.

Any ideas on how to solve this?


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