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Weather app Forecast

(Topic created on: 1/17/21 10:06 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

So, I have Samsung Weather app on my Galaxy 7 and it comes with a 7 day forecast that changes so frequently as to no longer be considered a forecast of the future. Every half an hr there is an adjustment to what they predict. If I understand correctly, they are tweaking their info based on some new information. This is almost the antithesis of a prediction. If you predict that it will be a %64 chance of rain on tuesday, that number shouldn't change to reflect real world chances of rain every 15 mins to where Monday at 11:30pm its slid to an 8% chance of rain. If anything this only shows how wrong you were before in forecasting %64 at all ever at any time. I'm fully aware there are other weather apps available and I guess I'm just dropping this note to somebody, somewhere right before I delete this and install a new one. Anyone else see this too? Or is it just in my suburban Phoenix home that gets this?

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