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What are the resolutions associated with the camera ratio settings?

(Topic created on: 4/4/21 10:20 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

When we first purchased our Galaxy S10+ smartphone, we recall setting our photos to the highest resolution setting.  Since then, perhaps due to a system upgrade, it appears Samsung camera menus only show 4 resolutions or picture ratios of 3:4, 16:9, 1:1, and Full.  Tragically, the settings show no associated resolution for each ratio setting.  At some point, the ratio setting on our phone was changed to FULL, because someone likely assumed this setting had the largest screen so the highest resolution (since there was no pixel resolution detail in the menu).

To our absolute disappointment, we found that the FULL setting is one of the lowest resolutions, even though the viewing screen is larger.  We are now stuck with hundreds of pictures at an extremely poor resolution.  Why in the world would Samsung remove the resolution detail from the settings?  Even a casual user would want to have this information.  It is hard to express how destructive this change was in regard to the quality of our photos!!  A company of this stature should know better!

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