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WiFi Calling only, deactivate mobile

(Topic created: 08-18-2021 10:53 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

Hi all,

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10e and was wondering if it is possible to use WiFi Calling but restrict the phone from logging into the mobile network.

Background: I used to live in Germany and am now living in India. I do have an India SIM Card in Slot 1, which I use as my main card. A SIM Card from Germany is in Slot 2. I am using WiFi Calling with it, when I need to place or receive call to/from Germany. To avoid accidently using the German SIM Card via the mobile network in India (which would be very expensive) and also to save a bit of battery power, I would like to restrict the SIM in Slot 2 from ever connecting to a mobile network, but still be able to automatically use WiFi Calling, whenever I am logged into a WiFi.
Is there any configuration to achieve this behavior?

Thank you!

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