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WiFi and Telecom features and permissions input to Samsung Software Developers

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Hi there.  This is my very first post on the community forums. I purchased my s10e around August of 2020. I  have some feedback on connectivity features and permissions that I would like you to hear:

In my opinion you have screwed up on delivery of the software that most matters to your customers. You have limited the both the features and permissions when it comes to the both telephony and WiFi networking on this phone. The features and permissions available in WiFi are insufficient to make a variety of good connections to WiFi Networks. I have seen many lesser Android devices that have a much richer feature set and granularity of control and usually the permissions to get the job done with a minimum of keyword wrestling. What I see on this phone might make me an Ex Samsung Customer in the near future. I see product managers and developers that think their customers care much more about their phones looks and the artistry of the UI than if the thing really works well or not. I know that many people would buy a pretty car t H
car that didn't run well and they would be happy. A decerning customer with appropriate experience that field would look for both excellent engineering and excellent art in design. For what good is a car that is beautiful if you can't drive it and what good is an ugly car that runs if you refuse to drive it because it is too ugly?
While you have not made an ugly phone, far from it, the phone is beautiful in design and the UI is fairly slick and smooth, the ability to make it work is hampered severely by the lack of network features and permissions in both telephony and WiFi. I have had much cheaper windows and android phones that have superior functionality and the permissions for the user to be far better connected with their existing carriers or with WiFi network providers. I have to say that it's my opinion that you have sold me an expensive pretty phone that doesn't work well very well because you spent a lot more on looks than you did on making sure it had the features needed for robust networking and telecommunications connections. I may not buy another Samsung because I feel that I was duped into getting a lousy running phone by reviews done by people that cared much more about asthetics than they cared about how well the phone actually worked and if they had all the features and permissions they needed to make sure that it worked well in more telecom and network environments than a cheaper and uglier phone would. I don't even have the permission to change anything in the carrier settings and that is really assuming your customers are rather dim when it comes to USING their phones. I would assume that if you made cars you would have a system on the car that wouldn't let you change a spare tire without a dealership because you think your customers too limited to change a tire. How irritated would you be if you got a flat but the car company you bought the car from made sure you couldn't fix it yourself because you are just to limited to change it tire. So I am pretty irritated with Samsung right now for not providing me the customer with the tools needed to make this as beautiful a phone In ENGINEERING as it is appearance. FWIW. 

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your not the only one that is starting to move away from Samsung phones and deciding to take their loyalty to a mobile phone brand to a company that actually cares about what the users want and need.

I have seen so many threads of ppl saying their current Samsung will 100% be their last.

How do they screw up the ALARMS not playing ANY SOUNDS when the alarm goes off, regardless of the phone being in silent, vibrate or all the phone sounds are maxed out, it still won't play the sounds set to the alarm, causing people to miss their alarm, which causes them to be late to their job.

Not just having absolutely NO alarm sounds, which is a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR PROBLEM, but places marked as TRUSTED LOCATIONS so that it keeps the phone unlocked, also not working at all. ALONG with keeping phone unlocked when connected to TRUSTED DEVICES not working.

SAMSUNG has definitely dropped the ball and I definitely believe they will take a MAJOR loss in customers, esp when people pay $1,299 and $1,449 for a phone with SUCH BASIC but EXTREME FLAWS like no Alarm sounds, trusted locations and trusted devices not working.

HOW CAN samsung EVER HONESTLY SAY THAT THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS, WHEN THEY HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING AT ALL TO RESOLVE THESE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT "FEATURES" that are not working... You can find dozens of threads with dozens of ppl all having the exact same issue talking about how basic features are not working, which is causing people to lose their job, get in trouble at work for being late and a very high majority of those are saying they will NEVER EVER own ANOTHER overly priced, pos, feature lacking, phone made by a non caring brand AGAIN. I don't blame anyone for ending their support for samsung.