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Worst experience!

I had a Samsung galaxy 5. I had never paid full price for a phone in my life... until the Samsung galaxy s6+. I had that galaxy 5 and was going to hold onto it until it begged me to get a new one. Unfortunately, I got a no storage available notification and things went downhill from there.

I tried everything! I ended up putting everything on micro SD cards, and I still kept getting the message. Then my son told me that he was experiencing the same problem on a different Samsung phone.

The other major issue was that the screen always go black. Just for no reason at all, black. The phone was password protected, and it would sometimes take me thirty minutes or more try to login because the screen kept going black. This was unacceptable 😤. What if there was an emergency?

Cosmic Ray

Re: Worst experience!

we are on the galaxy 20 that's very old for you still to have a 5 the motherboard may be done for :/