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Worst update Samsung has ever put out! REVERT IT BACK!

(Topic created on: 3/2/21 9:29 PM)
Galaxy S Phones
It is very obvious from reading some of the comments, that the ONE UI3 "update", is a total disaster and needs to be removed and reverted back to the previous update! Every single person involved with this debacle, should be terminated, period! 

I have been a supporter of Samsung products for over twenty years and I have never been disappointed in any of the products, until now. Revert this junk and give us the options that WE want, not what you think we want! I do not lease my phone, I own it! You should give us the option to block and delete any future updates that we do not want, or revert back to the previous update. Fix this now and revert it back, or you have lost a loyal customer! 

If a program can be written to update, then a program can be written to downgrade that same update!
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