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android A10 won't connect to hotel wifi

(Topic created on: 3/15/21 8:27 PM)
Galaxy S Phones
I've been able to connect to it before, but now every time I try, nothing happens. It says "connecting" for a few seconds and then that goes away and it never actually connects. Sometimes it says authentication failed, but this is ridiculous because you don't need a password to connect. It's supposed to take you to a webpage to log in AFTER you're connected, but I can't get there because it won't connect at all. 

Before you ask, yes I've tried forgetting the network, turning airplane mode and wifi on & off, restarting the phone, resetting network settings, etc. NOTHING WORKS! I can't reset the router obviously because it's not mine. I don't think there's a way to switch to a static ip address. There's nothing wrong with the wifi because I have no problem connecting with my laptop. Wtf???
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