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galaxy s7 won't turn on

(Topic created: 07-19-2021 08:54 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

I NEED this device to work for another 1-2 weeks or at least get my notes off and be able to sign into stuff. I have a new phone that should be coming but I need something now. The blue light is solid and I got it to turn on today long enough to try to get it to go into safe mode but then it stopped working. I got the options to power off, go into safe mode, factory reset and all that at one point but I cannot get it to do anything.  What can I do to:
A. get it to turn on and stay on long enough to login to stuff and stay logged in for a while

B. get my notes off. 

Preferably 1-2 weeks but at least just a while longer. 

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Galaxy S Phones
Your notes are not sync with your account?