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how to recover text messages?

(Topic created on: 5/1/21 3:36 PM)
Galaxy S Phones

Problem: Lost one year's worth of text messages March 2020 to April 2021. 

Event that caused the problem: S8 had to be hard reset by Sprint / TMobile after failed attempt to switch out Sprint SIM card for the TMobile SIM card.  Sprint explained that my S8 has a software glitch that put it in loop and the only remedy was a hard reset.

I was told that if I had a Samsung Account, I wouldn't have lost the text messages.  I have now created a login to the Samsung Account. I was told that my lost text messages might possibly appear within a couple of hours or days of creating a Samsung Account, but it's is unlikely.


(1) Is there a way to recover my lost text messages? 

(2) Why were my text messages 2014 thru March 2020 saved, but the texts March 2020 thru April 2021 were lost?  




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