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i have and s7 edge and usb problem

hi sir i bought s7 edge on 2016 early 2017 it started the usb issue that i am talking now  all the requirements of fast charge were available but i didn't work and also no pc could show my s7 each and every pc i tried it said it can not be recognized all adapters  that i had were adaptive fast charging.But it didn't work for me while it was fast charging other devices i went to alot of mobile store on mid 2017 but at that time no one knew until i went to samsung store 'Samsung service center in, sahara center ,sharjeh , uae for lcd issue black stripes but they said warranty is of because of lcd crack  then i agreed to pay and do lcd replacement and told them about the usb issue they told me it's all because of lcd  after that i took my phone and came to Afghanistan and my phone still had that problem  years have passed and still the same thing but it didnt bothered me until now and i was hopeless until my friend told me to contact with the campany  

please help  its been 3 years that my phone is fully charged  in 8 hour and i couldn't connect to pc but one thing wireless fast charging works when i use samsung wireless charger .

aorry for taking you time and bothering but i really like my s7 edge and samsung company and i hope you can help me . 

i will always be Samsung fan and i love every thing that Samsung makes it kinda knows what i want . thank you for your time 😊😊