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lost many of my contacts

I know this has been discussed before, but I have not heard a good explanation of why, and not a good resolution. Recently my Galaxy s7  has been losing some of my contacts. The text strings are not lost. But sometimes I get a text message from my cousin, friend, or someone else and I can't figure out who it is unless I read some of the texts from before and figure out who it is.  My contacts are stored on my phone, not on verizon cloud or google. I tried going to the settings and importing from the SD card, but there is no option offered to import from SD card. This is ridiculous! Why does the phone lose contacts? I don't need a lecture on the fact that I should be backing up my contacts on Google or Verizon. I would just like an answer on why this happens, how it can be prevented in the future, and how I can restore the lost ones at this time.  Thanks for any feedback.


Re: lost many of my contacts

The only other option I have seen besides backup from cloud is Android recovery tool such as Disk digger or dr.fone.