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moisture in front and back camera cover(glass)

(Topic created: 07-04-2021 07:12 AM)
Galaxy S Phones

3 days back i used my so called ip68 rated s10+ in under water for less than 15 minutes in still water and the thing is that the phone never got deeper than 2-3ft in water. But still the cameras, front and back has water moisture deposited in them. except for the photos not being clear the mobile phone is working as fine.

I have videos that I took in water that show the phone did not go under water for more 30 minutes and the depth of the water was less than 4ft. As per the ip68 rating of my phone the phone should not have had any issues like the ones I am facing. 

What should be done here? If the company still does not cover the repair/normal clean up, where should I send my complaint??

After all the phone costed somewhere around 60,000 inr.

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