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Galaxy S Phones
I've been on android for over 10 years and have ha a samsung ever since. 
I'm really tired of the stuff they are doing. One is Samsung's are not as customizable as before, not unlockable boot loaders in the USA.
We cannot tweak,optimise or mod them like we used to. There is not GSI ability, there is no A/B.
White the change google made samsung can only install paid fonts they will not release the theme creator unless you are a developer. One UI has gotten better than TouchWiz over the years there's less bloat.I know Samsung has released good luck which will let us customize the phone which is nice and I've seen their theme creator.
Samsung has created so many different phones that they could barely support them with their firmware updates. For example you forgot the whole s series the s10 s 10 e s 10 plus note 10.
Then you've got/had the a series, j series and the m series.

what happened to only making two or three phones, a low end, a medium and a high end.
Then we spend $1,000 or more on a phone and you stuff adds down our throat and every Samsung app ,the music app, the store app, etc.

This is normally reserved only for the super low end phones and you also get a discount on them if you choose to be forced with the ads.

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