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"Unfortunately, IMS service has stopped." Galaxy S5

(Topic created: 08-08-2021 04:34 AM)
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Hello, Samsung users,

I have been struggling with the message in the subject for a while, and it has rendered my device unusable. Let me walk through the steps that both Samsung and T-Mobile (my carrier) have suggested:

  • Go to all system apps, clear chache, clear data, force stop (for all messaging/IMS/com.sec.IMS etc.)
  • Check messaging settings, turning off nearly all features such as sending read receipts.
  • Checking for updates
  • Booting the phone in safe mode
  • Turning off wi-fi and wi-fi calling features
  • Removing SD card
  • Removing and re-inserting the SIM card
  • Wiping phone partition cache
  • Factory reset of phone
  • Replace SIM card

So, as you may imagine, I have spent hours scouring the internet for other user's solutions to no avail. The final suggestion from T-Mobile was to purchase a new phone, specifically a more updated model. Seeing as how I purchased the Galaxy S5 when it was released for the US retail price of nearly $700 in 2014, I am unwilling to purchase a new phone, there's no reason this insanely expensive phone shouldn't last a minimum of ten years. Most disturbingly, I have seen this issue repeatedly reported to Samsung with no public solution provided - therefore I will not purchase another Samsung phone if I absolutely must purchase a new phone. If any Samsung staff sees this message and has a resolution, please message me. Thank you all for your time reading through!

Mobile carrier: T-Mobile (located in Massachusetts, USA)

Android 6.0.1

(UPDATE: August 27th, 2021)

For anyone that may be experiencing the same issue that I have described above, I seem to have found a solution. One thing I didn't mention, because it wasn't obvious at the time, was that this message only seemed to occur when I sent/received text messages from one person (the account holder, who happens to be the person I communicate the most with). After exhausting every effort on my end, the account holder reached out to T-Mobile and followed various troubleshooting steps. The solution seems to have been the account holder resetting their network settings.

This person had gotten a new phone, and for some reason they had network issues when attempting to sync their phone with another device, and it turns out it affected the network connection between us (no idea how, I'm not knowledgeable in this). Anyway, if anyone else is struggling the way I had been, consider whether or not your issue is stemming from one contact, and if so request them to reset their network settings.

(UPDATE: September 3rd, 2021)

The above "fix" lasted less than 5 minutes apparently. Employees of T-Mobile suggested that their network intentionally targeted my old android and prevented it from communicating with the new technology. I had to purchase a newer phone, despite exhaustive attempts to fix the issue. If any users here happen to be tech experts in communication, feel free to reach out to me as I believe this issue can be escalated with legal support. There is no fine print in the contract for the account with T-Mobile stating that they would target outdated software and prevent it from communicating on their network.

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Of Course. Get back on the conveyer belt my friend is what theyre nicely saying and spend again because those older phones can new accessed internally by just simply undoing some screws. Heck on my old note S3 i was even able to unplug the antenna. Its for those very reasons believe it or not that they want you, in a nice pushy forced way, to get "up to par" with "the times" with the phones that have features that can tell when you are walking sleeping running your pictures your contacts etc.... you're info/data is what they want.
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