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random notification sound, but notifications are silent

Randomly during the day, but quite often in the late afternoon, my notification sound will play. But I have notifications permanently silent. Somehow it uses the volume of calls. Which I've double checked before by making it really silent one day, then really loud the next.
So it plays the tune I've set up for notifications, at the volume I've set for calls.
But no notification will actually show up. There's nothing there. If I go to settings and check all notifications I've received the last few minutes, there's nothing unusual there, no notification when the sound played. I even enabled the option that shows system apps, but nothing.
I'm not quite sure when this issue appeared, because I've had my phone permanently on vibrate for the longest time. If it happened back then, there's a high chance I wouldn't have noticed, as I don't check my phone after every vibration.
I'm just not sure where to look. I have over 100 apps on my phone, were I to disable notifications on each and every one, it could potentially take me over 100 days to find the issue, as it usually only happens once, sometimes twice per day.
I've had this happen to me for 1 month now, I'm desperate.

Re: random notification sound, but notifications are silent

does this wake you screen up while your phone is off/locked? if so i would try nice catch by Samsung