s7 Edge closing me out


s7 Edge closing me out

I've had my s7 Edge since about March almost 2 years ago and it wasn't until recently that i've been having a lot of issues with it. First, it'll close me out of most of my social media apps (yes, they're all updated). next, while the apps update, my phone runs extremely slow and glitches out when I try to do other things on it (like open other apps & send texts). furthermore, it recently will not let me send texts. my carrier is sprint & it's very frustrating. In addition, recently after the update or sometime around then, my battery drains very quickly. I won't be on it for about an hour or two & it'll drain 15-20 percent, which is very unimpressive. I'll take any help you can offer, thank you.
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Re: s7 Edge closing me out

Hey Community! Anyone else seeing this problem? Anyone have a workaround? Let us know!  Smiley Happy

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